Sho-Zyg Live AV concert: 21/09/2012

Live Audiovisual Concert

Friday 21 September
St. James’s Hatcham Church, St. James’s, New Cross, London.
19:00- 21:30

Free Entry

Video projections and VJs at live gigs and clubs have made us accustomed to the simultaneous presentation of moving image with music. But often they remain mere juxtapositions, lacking cohesion and serving merely as distractions. In contrast, the audio and the visuals in the featured works are generated through an analogous process in real-time. Radical computer music, dirty electronics, generative compositions and live electroacoustic works are pushed to new dimensions by harnessing the potential for the reciprocal modulation of the two modalities and treating the audiovisual medium as an integrated discipline in its own right.

| Mick Grierson |
| Ryan Jordan |
| Simon Katan |
| Tom Mudd |
| Ryo Ikeshiro |
| James Leahy |

Part of Sho-Zyg, a week-long sound showcase at St. James’s Hatcham Church.


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