Sho-Zyg AV screening exhibition : 21-27/9/2012

A selection of short movies exploring a variety of possible relationships between audio and visuals, including stop-motion animation with experimental sound design, musical compositions with moving image, visualisation and sonification of data and excerpts from immersive audiovisual installations.

Part of Sho-Zyg, a week-long sound showcase at St. James’s Hatcham Church.

Francisco López | Paul Prudence – Hydroacoustic Study
Hydroacoustic Study - Paul Prudence

Jockel Liess – Shifting View
shifting view inst1

Tim O’Riley | Chris Haworth – Clementine
Clementine Tim ORiley

Max Hattler – Shift
shift Max Hattler
sync Max Hattler
AANAATT Max Hattler

Meital Covo | Ryo Ikeshiro – Challa
challa Ryo

Martijn van Boven | Tom Tlalim – Field Notes from a Mine
Field Notes From A Mine


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